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Capstone Metaphysical Counseling Centre

Capstone Metaphysical Counseling Centre was founded by Reverend Shelley Coons.  Through the power of tarot readings, counseling sessions, and meditations, Reverend Coons has helped countless clients overcome indecisiveness, needless suffering, and achieve peace of mind. She has been counseling and reading Tarot for 25 years.  Her promise to you is to help reduce or eliminate suffering by shedding light on the mystical and physical aspects of your life.  Using the tarot and her abilities to connect to higher realms, she will channel your current and future path, then she will assist you in changing your path if it is one of suffering.   She has a Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences degree from the University of Sedona and is an ordained Metaphysical minister.  Her counseling services include Single , Couples , Workplace , Business , and Pet Therapy.

Please visit any one of these sites to find out more about Rev. Coons Degree or Designation


Our Team

Our team at Capstone Metaphysical Counseling Centre has years of experience in the field of online therapy. We are committed to providing the best possible service to our clients and help them achieve their goals. Our team members are highly qualified and dedicated to their work.

Kit Kanohoaloha Wynkoop


Kit guides people, through the process of ancient Tibetan Buddhist psychology and meditation techniques, to look deeply at themselves toward rediscovering and trusting who they authentically are, thereby, allowing a deep reconnection with ALOHA to arise spontaneously…

Moani'ala Thill

Ke Ola Ha’a means: “the Dance of Life”. 


Hawaiian Hula, and Chanting Online Classes

Moani’ala is a professional hula dancer, instructor and the founder of a healing process she calls the Ke Ola Ha’a Holistic Healing Practice.


As a French-Hawaiian, she was raised with Hawaiian spiritual values, customs and beliefs. Moania’ala began her training in hula as a teenager while living in Paris and Honolulu.  


She is the daughter of Kilohana Silve, a renowned Kumu Hula (master in the art of Hula), founder and instructor of the international dance school Hālau Hula ‘O Mānoa.


Moani’ala says: “Hula is part of my ancestry and it is a passion. I felt a strong calling to create a soul and body healing method that incorporates the philosophy, spirit, breath, voice, chants and movements from different traditions, with a core base in traditional Hawaiian essential values.”


With 16 years of experience teaching hula to adults and children Moani’ala recently developed this holistic practice, which she calls Ke Ola Ha’a meaning: “the Dance of Life”.

Leigh Aschoff


Leigh honors, with you, the creative path your wisdom reveals. Leigh’s intention in the healing sessions is to compassionately invite you into an active returning to your heart, body, wisdom and wholeness. Leigh’s experiential trainings and certifications in Compassionate Inquiry, Transpersonal Energy Healing, Intuitive Healing, Akashic Records, Therapeutic/Hatha Yoga are all present in the healing and growth you will be invited to when you work with her. Leigh sees heart body connection as a compassionate pathway to Awakened Heart Body Essence. Click here to find out more and to apply for a complimentary conversation. Aloha!

Amy Nanette Glin


Amy is a compassionate, reverent and irreverent transformation coach dedicated to helping you get the most out of your life. What does that mean? It’s different for everyone. Getting the most out of life could mean: Asking for help when you need it; Recognizing and saying how you feel; Trusting your intuition; Slowing down; Managing your anxiety; Taming your Inner critic; Identifying when a false perception is coloring your beliefs; Dismantling firmly established patterns; Operating from this moment instead of from past hurts. Amy offers a 20-minute gratis introductory session so we can see if we’re a fit. She can be reached at or visit her website A note from Amy, “Let’s meet! I look forward to hearing from you!”

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